Elliott is calm, pragmatic, fair

To the Editor:

I have neither a dog in this race nor a vote in your municipality. I can, however, offer some insight as to mayoral candidate Pat Elliott.

Pat and I go back almost 40 years, when we were both “late-blooming” law students. Our classmates were typically 10 years younger than we were when we began that shared adventure, which formed the basis of an enduring friendship.

We get together regularly and never have a shortage of topics to share, whether it be jobs, kids, pets, philosophy or politics. Pat’s ability to balance the important things in his life has always impressed me.

For those four decades, Pat has been the person I turn to when I need a calm, pragmatic, and fair solution to a problem. That is how he approached decisions all those years ago and how he approaches them now.

As Director of the University of Minnesota Law School’s Business Law Clinic, I recruited Pat to supervise law students who represent small business owners. I always told the students if Pat were their supervisor, they would learn a lot about common-sense law practice.

These qualities are invaluable in an elected official, and I hope Richfield voters will take advantage of the opportunity to elect Pat Elliott as their next mayor.

Mary Alton
St. Paul

Originally published in the Sun Current

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